Bigger, bolder, more spectacular, that’s what those who live and play here say about the Fresh Coast. What makes hg6668皇冠登录, MI so #reMARQable? 我们是来告诉你的!



When the world’s largest fresh水 lake is your backyard, that makes for some pretty #reMARQable views. Standing on the shores of 苏必利尔湖 is like looking out over a vast inland sea, with its crashing waves, tides, sea monster lore. "Gichi-gami" as the Anishinaabeg call her, has long inspired 艺术ists, 诗人和词曲作者, will captivate you with her many moods. 她以深沉而闻名, 冷, 清澈的河水, she is a dominating force in these p艺术s, commanding respect and awe.

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While hg6668皇冠登录 is a bit off the beaten path, 一旦你到达, you won’t have to go far to access amazing hiking and biking. Our trails st艺术 right out your front door, from the 多用途的路径, encompassing 17 miles of paved trails that take in iconic sights like the historic 矿石码头, 普雷斯克岛公园, 港口灯塔,到… Noquemanon Trail Network, with over 75 miles of some of the Midwest's best singletrack, with everything from flowy berms to steep rollers and technical drops.

Two women on 自行车 admiring the Lower Harbor 矿石码头.

行人 & 存放

Downtown hg6668皇冠登录 is full of quaint 商店, 画廊, 餐厅, 啤酒厂—all within a hop, skip, jump from each other, making exploring easy. Ditch your car and spend the day pedaling or strolling—exploring our historic downtown, discovering all the Queen City has to offer.



作为美国.P.’s largest city, hg6668皇冠登录 is a melting pot of cuisines,有一种时髦的食物 & beverage scene that offers some #reMARQable flavors you might be surprised to find. 从新鲜, lake-caught Whitefish and Farm-to-Table offerings, he艺术y local fare like steak and rutabaga pasties and homemade Cudighi, to German-inspired schnitzels and spaetzles and Cajun and Creolé dishes that will make you think you’ve been transported to the Big Easy, refueling in hg6668皇冠登录 is an 皇冠苹果版app下载 in itself. 还有啤酒. Oh, did we mention the beer? 我们的啤酒值得 一个单独的条目.

切碎新鲜U.P. 粉


hg6668皇冠登录 County gets a #reMARQable amount of snow—averaging nearly 150 inches a year! That’s a whopping 12 feet—making us the third snowiest location in the contiguous U.S. We don’t hide from winter here, we embrace it, with plenty of outdoor 皇冠苹果版app下载s to dig into. 到达斜坡 hg6668皇冠登录山 on a board or a pair of skis, kick up some fresh 粉 riding the trails on a fat tire 自行车, or climb giant icicles and rappel down an ice flow! 来 experience winter our way—it will be one you won’t soon forget!

Signage on the Iron Ore Heritage Trail


Discover our storied past, from our native people—the Anishinaabeg—to our Iron Ore legacy at the hg6668皇冠登录 Regional 历史 CenterMichigan Iron Ore Museum. Dive deep into our maritime triumphs and disasters at the hg6668皇冠登录 Maritime Museum. Learn about the pioneers of winter sports at the U.S. National 滑雪 and Snowboard Hall of Fame in nearby Ishpeming, the birthplace of organized skiing in America.

Aerial shot of a Deer Lake in Ishpeming


From the expansive vistas of 苏必利尔湖 to the tranquility of our cool woodland forests, you don’t have to look far to take in some of the most #reMARQable scenery around. 潺潺流水, 惊人的瀑布, secluded coves and sandy beaches are just a few of the natural wonders that abound. 和我们的 秋天树叶 不能被打败.

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艺术 & 文化

Downtown 画廊 chock full of local 艺术isan wares, colorful 公共壁画 mean there’s plenty of 艺术 to discover here. Shop for hand-crafted jewelry inspired by local scenes, wrap yourself in a warm alpaca scarf made with handspun yarn, or bring the beauty of the Northwoods indoors with a piece of rustic furniture or a painting of your favorite scenic vista.



With 83 miles of shoreline, 150年流, 300多个湖泊, nearly 350 miles of trails, you will never run out of places and ways to explore. Whether you want to paddle, hg6668皇冠登录, 自行车, or shred down a mountain, you can enjoy a #reMARQable experience any time of year.


节日 & 事件

No matter the season, we’ve got a reason to celebrate. 以# reMARQable 全年活动, from summer’s 艺术 and music festivals to fall’s beer, 自行车, 和电影, 冬季极地卷, 滑雪马拉松, 狗拉雪橇比赛, to spring’s culinary—and sudsy—delights, you’ll never be bored here.

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计划行程? 我们要求你 explore hg6668皇冠登录 responsibly so that locals and visitors alike can enjoy this # ReMARQable place for generations to come.